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As a women sandwiched between raising kids and caring for ageing loved ones you have a unique set of challenges to move through. 

You may feel lost, lonely, and that you are stretched too thin.  With all the family hats you are wearing -- mother, daughter, lover, wife and friend --  you may be feeling scattered, unfocused, reactive instead of proactive and perhaps dissatisfied or unhappy and longing for something more for yourself and your family.

Maybe it's felt like years since you have even thought about yourself or what you need or desire to enjoy a healthy and fulfilled life.

Regardless of how you may be feeling currently, we believe, that these unique set of challenges positions women like you to become healthy living leaders for their entire family while empowering women to step fully into their role as changemakers determined to improve the health and well-being of humanity starting with their loved ones young and old.

We understand your time is precious and likely feels deeply constrained due to the level of care and nurturing responsibilities you have.

We also know that in many cases at this stage of your life you have a deep desire to really come into your own with respect to your career and livelihood while still being fully present for your kids and your ageing loved ones.  

With so much on your plate we understand that finding time to take care of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually can often take a back seat and add to your feelings of overwhelm, lack of worthiness, guilt, shame, blame, frustration, resentment, grief, fear and even hopelessness.

The stress, pace and state of modern day living has many of us headed for burnout and it's time we did something to SHIFT THE NARRATIVE, RE-CLAIM OUR POWER and INSPIRE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME. 

At Vibrant Living Institute we are dedicated to providing you with education and events that evolve you.

Our Lifestyle Wellness Programs are designed to help you 


  • Heal from past emotional wounds, 
  • Address and reframe beliefs and mental constructs
  • Breakthrough unconscious modes of sabotaging behaviour 
  • Make a Life, not just a Living

Ultimately, our Lifestyle Wellness Programs have been developed to empower you to reclaim your life and to inspire others on their Healing Journey as you raise your entire family up to enjoy greater health and happiness while making a difference in the way in which we all experience peace, joy and enlightenment.  

Our hope for you is to provide you with experiences that enable you to fully step into your power as an enlightened being.

And it all starts with YOU - HEALING YOU.  

As a provider of integrated health and wellness education and lifestyle wellness programs, Vibrant Living Institute helps women who are sandwiched between raising kids and caring for ageing loved ones become self-care experts their families can count on while building a life they love to live.

Our BREAKTHROUGH signature programs take you through a transformative journey toward Total Life Mastery.

Using an integrated holistic approach to healing and personal growth our signature programs use tools and techniques that include emotional healing and recalibration, energy medicine, and an integrated yoga energy wellness method that is designed to help you take your HEALTH, WEALTH & HAPPINESS to the next level while empowering you to change the way you nurture and care for yourself and your whole family.

Become the CHANGEMAKER you are meant to be.  

  • Discover Your Unique Gifts & Talents.  
  • Free Yourself From The Past.  
  • Re-Write Your Story
  • Find Freedom, Success & Happiness

Inspire Change in the Way We CARE & NUTURE Ourselves and Others.

This is your time, to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Ready to start Mastering the ART of YOU? Request your enrollment application to get started today!




Vibrant Living for Life: A Whole-Being Self-Healing System for Women

A transformational self-healing coaching program to help women HEAL, uncover and embrace their true nature. 


Vibrant Living for Life: A Whole-Being Self-Care System for Women

A transformational self-care coaching program to help women overcome emotional, mental, physical and spiritual imbalance, and disharmony while strengthening resiliency and alignment with our true nature and highest good. 



An intuitively guided virtual One-on-One healing and coaching offering that teaches you how to activate self-healing, and relieve your pain and suffering. 



A Yoga Energy Wellness Method you can practice at home daily to support your ongoing healing, health and well-being.




Sarah Kathleen helps women raising kids and caring for ageing loved ones heal and become self-care experts their families can count on while helping them build a life they love to live.  

With expertise in neuro-linguistic programming, life and business coaching, yoga, energy medicine, wellness, nutrition, and alternative and complementary therapies Sarah offers her clients access developing their own unique Ultimate Vibrant Living Toolkit™.  

This integrated health and wellness toolkit supports all 4 dimensions of SELF-CARE -- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual -- 

with simple and easy to use self-healing, self-care, stress management and disease prevention tips, tools, and techniques the whole family can benefit from! 



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